About us

Since my early childhood, I am passionated by clothes.

They are for me a way to express ourselves, create and pass on our history.

In my closet ther are a grat amount of pieces that belonged to the woomen of my family, a legacy i love to wear, a part of their history that the loved to tell me : The story of a time when people bought few but quality, clothes that would follow us all along our lives, masterpieces of our memory.

Living my passion for clothes I started studies of fashion designer in Paris. Once I got my diploma and also some experiences inside the fashion industrie, I decided to share with all of you my vision of fashion.

Sophie Costa is my name but it is also clothes handmade to order by myself in my parisian workshop. High quality fabrics coming from great couture house (coming from England and Italie) that i choose with great care.

I have a local, human vision of fashion, far away from the greedy vision of fast fashion. I offer here pieces in which you can live wonderfull adventures and that you will maybe, someday, pass on to your children.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Sophie Costa